SINORA hard-shell protective transport cases

SINORA plastic technology injection mold hard-shell cases

Expert for maximum protection

SINORA protective cases are designed to protect their contents safely. For this purpose, SINORA uses a high-quality PP plastic for the outer shell of the protective cases, which gives the SINORA cases a surface with fine silky pearl effect structure, which gives the cases a nice appearance and is easy to clean. SINORA cases are lightweight but nevertheless constructed robustly. The closures are easy and intuitive to use. A circumferential seal with automatic pressure equalization valve makes the cases waterproof, suitable as an outdoor case for expeditions.

SINORA’s expertise is not limited to the plastic case as the outer shell of the packaging. To protect technical equipment or other contents, SINORA offers you an expert network of foam processors and distributors who develop and produce customised inserts especially for your transport goods. This means you get particularly economical and low-cost cases that are designed for your individual needs. If you need a case solution for your equipment, we look forward to receiving your enquiry. If you are a dealer or processor, please visit our partner area.

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Waterproof outdoor cases

SINORA cases are designed to withstand extreme demands. For this we offer certifications according to relevant standards for the cases. The IP 67 certification describes the suitability of the protective cases against dust and moisture. Falling tests are used to test the breakage resistance of the transport cases. In tests according to military standards (MIL-Std) SINORA Outdoor Cases are tested in addition against particularly high temperatures, such as in the desert or against extreme minus degrees, as in Arctic expeditions. The resistance to gasoline and acids and to particularly high levels of UV radiation can also be tested and certified.

For fire resistance requirements, the plastic is upgraded with additives and the cases are certified according to the fire resistance class. Decisively we recommend for all environmental tests of suitcases not only the durability of the outdoor suitcase itself. Especially if you need suitcases for particularly sensitive contents, we offer you the certification of the suitcases including your devices. SINORA cases offer you the highest level of transport protection, Expert for maximum protection.

Hard-shell cases for safe transport of your equipment