SINORA Quality

Safe in all Weathers

Whether monsoon-like Rains, deep Mud or even underwater – our Transport Cases keep what they promise to be 100 waterproof in all Situations. This means that even in the harshest weather conditions, You can transport Your Equipment and rely on the Protection of SINORA.

Finally, our waterproof plastic Cases were put through their paces with the wraparound rubber seal.

Transport Cases for harsh Environments


Whether It’s dust, dirt, Mud or Desert Sand, the SINORA Case is the perfect Companion on Your Road Trips. Your Equipment, as best protected from weather-related Hazards.
This is what SINORA – Expert for maximum protection stands for

In the underlying Type of protection IP 67, the first Digit of the IP Code stands for Tightness against Dust. Sinora Suitcases are dustproof in the Sense Of the IP 67 protection TYPE. When Used in Connection with electric Current, the Suitcases are Insulators and offer so-called Touch Protection in the Sense of the Protection Type.

Robust plastic Cases

Shockproof and looks good

The high-quality Polypropylene plastic Made from the Sinora Suitcase is particularly pitch and shatterproof. In This way, the SINORA Suitcases meet the Case tests from a Height of 1 m according to ISO Standard and ATA Standard.

You can be sure Your Suitcase does just about anything with.

The Surface of the Sinora Plastic Suitcase Has a fine pearl effect structure. The Suitcases are easy to clean and they look good.

Transportkoffer mit intuitiv bedienbaren Schlössern
Thoughtful Transport Cases

intuitively operable

Thanks to the intelligent Design, the Closure with one Hand is easy and intuitive to open. Even in Cold or with Gloves, the Handling of the Suitcases is simply due to the “Easy-open” Function. The upper Closure simply falls down when opened. As a result, no second Handle has to be done to Open the plastic suitcases. Fast, easy and intuitive

Handheld case And trolley Case

Is Well in Hand

The Cases are equipped with sturdy and portable Handles. These are additionally coated with a soft Rubber. The so-called soft grip feels good and the Suitcases are easier to carry.

All larger Plastic Cases are usually equipped with a Trolley. This means the Cases have two built-in stable Rolls to Pull And an extendable trolley handle. The Rolls have are soft and roll quietly.

Spritzgusskoffer mit Trolley und Rollen